Blog 2:The Woman of the House

Yasmine Meddane

A movement can only start if a whole group comes as united to fight the common enemy. To be able to achieve change as big as the feminist movement, the changes must start by the improvement of the woman status in her household. We always hear about “the man in the house” and even if the woman work as much I never hear anyone referring to their mom as “the woman I the house”. Why is that? Why would woman still not be automatically consider as being a source of income and discipline in their family equal to their partner? Households perception of the man and the woman in their family need to change before anything else. 

Women as soon as they are born are told how pretty they are an how they will marry a good man one day. A man that will be able to provide for her. Parents raise their daughters to be, yes, independent but only until they find the good partner for them. Meanwhile, man are raised with “values” emphasizing on their capability to support their future spouse and family. A woman should have dreams but as soon as she turns 30 there is that believe where everyone will tell her to find a good man before its too late because when she will, her life will magically be perfect. I don’t agree with those false expectations and I definitely think that they should evolve. The only way to do that is to raise our kids ( if we do want to have kids ) with equity being a boy or a girl.

Woman shouldn’t be the only one whose place and education should be revisited in an household because there is a lot of pressure placed on men for them to be socially acceptable in the eyes of the opposite sex. Money, ambition, athletic, pragmatic are the characteristic the young boys are taught to adopt so they can be able to find a good wife and girls are sadly perpetuating those stereotype also. We all know many women who would not date  a man without a car and that tells us a lot about our perception of what a man should bring to the table to “impress” us. Those toxics behaviors are creating a never ending circle of dependence and the perpetuation of stereotypes concerning both gender. For the woman place in the household to be change, we must also change our perception of the man of the house. Lets raise and teach our children equity and reflect on what type of household and relationship we wish to create  for some changes to happen.

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