Title : The true definition of feminism

  Feminism was defined by a lot of persons in very different ways. It’s often seen like something negative and can even be perceived as an anti-men movement. Jessica Valentini and Bell Hooks explain that feminism is not something made to suppress men, but rather a movement to support women’s rights and give them the same treatment and opportunities that men have. Feminism is something that should be supported by everybody, because it’s all about making our society a better place for everybody, no matter what gender they are. But, these two authors have some differences in their definitions. The main difference is that Jessica Valentini doesn’t have a precise definition of feminism and Hooks thinks that it’s really a movement that fights for equal rights for all sexes.

  After reading these articles, my perception of feminism changed a little bit. I think that feminism is made to fight for equality and to simply make our world a better and a more fair place. The one thing that changed is that I finally realized that sexism is more present in our society then what I thought. Sexism against women is not just about making less money then men, but also in little things like insults. As said Jessica Valentini, most of the insults are linked with females, making it seem that being a female is a bad thing. Some people will say that it’s just a detail, but I think that these details make all the difference. I realized that feminism is not only fighting for basic women rights, but also for the way everybody perceives women and their role in our society. Another thing that made me think, is how Jessica Valentini thinks that everybody should be a feminist, I think that her opinion on this subject is mostly true, because as she says feminism is all about making a fair world for everybody, so feminism should be supported not only by women, but by everybody.

  I also did some research about these two authors and found out how Jessica Valentini got into the whole idea of feminism and how she helps people around the world to understand it, she’s also very passionate about this subject and is a very active member in the society. Bell Hooks is really a special persona, she had some very difficult tasks in her life, but she always fought for what she thought was right and I find her very special.

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