Blog 3: Gender Equity in Indigenous Cultures

  First of all, the cultures described in the text are very different from my culture. In French and English culture from that time, the woman was clearly a less important member of the society then the man. The women had very little freedom and had to listen to the husband that they can’t even chose. In French culture, women were oppressed and were considered less important then men, the only important women were the nuns, because the nuns were responsible for important institutions like the hospitals and the schools. Of course, in my culture, these things don’t really exist anymore. Women can choose who they want to marry and can decide pretty much everything concerning their life.

  What stuck me the most about Indigenous culture is the fact that women could actually be more important then men in the family, because at that time, a woman to be more important then a man in the family was something unimaginable in the European culture. Also, women were equal to males and were very respected by everybody in the society. It’s very surprising, because even in our modern society, we have problems with equality between genders, but the Indigenous society from that time was more advanced in this aspect then the present Western world. So, our society should really learn and understand that women are just as important as men in the family and in the society.

  Society should be a place where both men and women work together to make our world a better place. Women are just as important as men in a family and it’s something that everybody should understand. Through the years, the place of the women in the society changed a lot.

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