Feminism in Ocean’s 8

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In the first three Ocean’s movies, there were always the top male actors such as George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon. There was no real representation of women in the movie. The Ocean’s movies were usually about a group of ten men that perform a big heist in a casino or a bank. However, in Ocean’s 8 it is the same concept, but there are height women doing the robbing. This movie has taught that women can be clever, strong, and it debunks female stereotypes that society has imposed on them.

First of all, Ocean’s 8 represents feminist ideas because women are portrayed as being clever. In the original Ocean’s movies, all the men are intelligent, and the women are unfortunately not represented that way. However, in Ocean’s 8, all the women are clever. In the movie, the women have to perform a heist where they have to steal a very expensive diamond necklace. In order to do that, the main actress, Sandra Bullock, has to assemble a team where each person has to be intelligent and strong. The team that she assembled were all women. It shows that women can do a challenging task as well. In society, there is a lot of individuals who think that women are not qualified to do a certain difficult task. For instance, during the presidential vote in 2016, there were some citizens were interviewed and said that Hilary Clinton cannot be our president because she is a woman. This movie demonstrated that women can do be as clever as men.

Second of all, the Ocean’s 8 women go opposite of the patriarchal society which shows that they are strong individuals. In the earlier versions of the Ocean’s movies, the men did the work and the women stayed at home, it was a typical representation of a patriarchal society.  For example, the wife of George Clooney, Julia Roberts, became a housewife and George did all the work. Ocean 8 opposes that way of leaving and shows that women are strong individuals. Women and men are doing the work to support their families. For instance, one of the main actresses, Sarah Paulson, has two kids and her and his husband both work to provide for the family.

Finally, Ocean’s 8 uncovers female stereotypes that society has unfortunately created. In this movie, women are not represented as a typical feminine girl. In other words, they aren’t portrayed as being “girly”, they are in fact, more mature. Normally, in Hollywood films or tv series we often women as young, small, and don’t talk too much. They are only there to display their beauty and bodies. However, in Ocean’s 8, the women are beautiful, but not all of them are young and none of them are girly. The main characters are not just there to show their beauties to the audience, they are them to play a true role. Furthermore, the way that they talk is also a way they broke female stereotypes. In the film, the audience could one of the main characters, Cate Blanchett, has short hair and the way that she talks is often rough and though, her voice has power like most of the females in the movie.

In conclusion, Ocean 8’s was a great movie that portrayed feminist ideas. It portrayed the women as being bright and intelligent individuals, strong by showing an equal society rather than a patriarchal one and impartial by contradicting female social stereotypes. This film is a great step for Hollywood to show women as a true character in the film rather than a model of beauty only.

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