Blog 2 : Abortion for Women

We all know that abortion is a sensitive subject to discuss. Some people are against the act and some would do it without hesitation. It is often a debate because many people reject the act . For them , the act of ending a pregnancy is inhuman even if rape occurred.A young lady that decides to have sex with a boy needs to accept her consequences and go through the whole pregnancy because aborting is killing . On the opposite , these people think about the women getting rape and having to deal with a baby or just it being an accident. Abortion is not a criminal act in Canada like in other countries.As it is a right that every women have ,it is also a very controversial political issue in our country . Although , some think that just because it is easy to be accessed .

Abortion has been legal in Canada since 1998, which hasn’t been that long . Even today , some politicians still try to remove this legal right that women should be able to do .  Our health care system failed to give women the easy access to abortion . If you don’t live outside of big urban centers like Toronto , Montreal and Vancouver , accessing the procedure can be really hard. In Canada , abortion services are insured in all provinces but some provinces have placed limits on funding it .  For example ,  Ontario does not fund abortions at every clinic .This should not be the case . Everyone that takes the decision of wanting to get an abortion , should not struggle to get it .

In conclusion, abortion   is a right that every women should  be able to do if they want to because it is their choice , as well as their body . No law should ever ban abortion or make it harder to access . Abortion should be easy to get for every women .It is a problem in our society that keeps being judged because  so many are against it.

***I’m not judging people who are pro-life”****


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