Blog 04: Two-Spirit: Everyone belongs in the circle

I went to the Two-Spirit: Everyone belongs in the circle speech, which was very interesting. The speaker herself is from an aboriginal group. She spoke about her tribe and how they have multiple genders, for example some individuals who are female may turn into a male and vice-versa. Each transformation or other type of gender has its own name. 

I found it very intriguing that the speaker started her speech by reciting a poem she found important to share with us to better understand the ideology of belonging within the circle, the circle of life. Many people in the audience loved her speech, it was clear and captivating by the images she had put up on her slide. Most of the people pointed out the poem she recited at the beginning. 

The key message was that many can change their gender or have another gender other than male and female. Throughout their life these people struggle to be accepted by the larger population but luckily there are places in the world that accept them, yet we still have to accept them the way they are and choose to be, therefore the concept of multiple genders should be accepted. This topic that was addressed was not the first time I had heard about it and read about it, but it is definitely the first time I gave my full attention to better understand the struggles and importance. 

I definitely recommend for people to go and listen if they have a chance to do so. It’s gives a good idea about the topic and makes us realize that we have not progressed social wise throughout our history. 

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