Final Project:Demonstrating Strength

During this course, I gain more knowledge on topics like feminism and equally which is why I choose to rewatch the movie Wonder woman from 2017. In this movie, we see how wonder woman is considered a symbol of the woman’s movement. In the sense of how she travels around the world without having to follow the rules set by men. This aspect was often challenged during the movies due to how in regular movies female superheroes usually take a backseat to the male ones in movies, or their stories are only told on the small screen. Theirs is also the sexualization of female superheroes who are usually reduced to cliches and/or sex objects, with little effort made to humanize them and give them as much depth as their male counterparts. The most common example is how Black Widow was introduced into the Marvel movies as a “sexy” to Iron Man who latter near the end of the movie managed to showcased her own ability but before doing so she had to be nitrified has a model rather than a warrior.

In this case, wonder woman is the complete opposite of traditional female superheroes. Although Wonder Woman herself is seen as a beautiful goddess the movie still demonstrated the courageous and fearless attitude when it comes to situations she is always the center of attention which is something important to demonstrate in this movie. Mainly due to how It’s meaningful for women to see a woman capable of taking care of herself, and saving others. The most vivid example is when Diana bursts into meetings full of men, ignores when men tell her she can’t do something, likens a secretary job to slavery, and constantly saves her male companions. The more the movie goes on the more you see Diana grow into a leader and take action upon herself rather than rely on her male companions.

This behavior is challenged in the movie due to the social circumstances in Europe during world war 2 where most to all women did office jobs and weren’t seen as fighters. This turns into societal expectations about how women are supposed to behave, both during the turn of the century time frame of the movie and in the present day. Because she grew up on a secluded island among women, Wonder Woman doesn’t know what those expectations are and doesn’t care when she finds out. She also won’t apologize for being a woman. The movie champions and showcases her femininity and how strong she is. In fact, her power isn’t diminished by caring too much about her companions or her lover or even experiencing thought emotions while on the battlefield. Instead, her love and kindness strengthen her and makes her grow stronger which is how she managed to save the day.

The movie challenges the thought and behavior of people during the 40s, where gender roles were preset by society in the sense that most women didn’t have a voice nor much of a choice to choose what they wanted to do in their lives. In a time we’re men were portrayed as the heroes by fighting the evil in wars and women having to support them from afar. Wonder woman shows how strong and influential women can be. Altogether I enjoyed this movie due to how much of a breath of fresh air is was. Especially when it comes to challenging the status quo of what women can or can’t do.

To conclude, the movie Wonder Woman showcases how powerful women can be if they are allowed to demonstrate who they really are without seating roles and rules which would hinder their growth. Life Diana who was raised without any of those and when she encountered them she was able to challenge it head-on without hesitation because she knew what she was capable of doing. Due to that strength, she becomes an icon of power not only for some but for everybody.

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