Blog 04: Jane Fonda turns 82

The inspirational woman I chose for my oral presentation is Jane Fonda. She is an actress who was born December 21, 1937 in New York, United States. She is now 82 years old with many awards and a voice that will be heard when she speaks. By her being an actress many will look at her as an inspiration a role model, mostly due to the fact that she has taken upon herself to speak for everyone else’s needs, as in keeping the planet, our world clean (no pollution, the need to recycle and other things). She also cares about the future generations to come. 

I see her as a very persistent woman, one that does not back down easily and I relate to her by being tenacious myself. On the eve of her birthday she, along 82 other famous people regrouped in order to fight against climate change. The reason behind 82 people is due to her turning 82. 

She has gotten arrested several Fridays in a row for protesting against climate change, which is something I would never see myself doing. I would never go to the extreme and risk of getting sent to jail. That’s one of our difference but also the reason she might not care much is due to her being a celebrity, because if she goes to jail everyone will hear about it and word/news of her going and fight for climate change would spread faster. Also she is a woman of old age, she has nothing big to loose, unlike me. 

The reason I decided to talk about her as an inspirational woman is due to the fact that she is a famous actress who actually uses her voice to spread awareness, while others only promote brands if they get payed. She does this out of the goodness of her heart. Also I had heard about her on the radio as the women who was fighting for climate change who got arrested on several Fridays. 

As I said, the reason I found her inspirational is due to her persistency and use of voice. 

For me someone who is inspirational is a person who has goals that they would like to achieve positively and while doing so many individuals would like to follow their footsteps or be like them, as in adopting good habits. 

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