Blog 4: Luisa-Marie Neubauer

The inspirational woman that I chose is named Luisa-Marie Neubauer and she was born on April 21st, 1996 in Germany making her 23 years old today. This woman was inspired by the famous Greta Thunberg as she got concerned about living in a world of rising temperatures. In 2018, she is one of the main initiators and organizers of the “Fridays For Future” strike, which is a school strike for the climate in Germany. All these events that she organizes put pressure on the governments to abide by the 2015 Paris Agreements, an agreement that has the goal to decrease global warming. In addition, Neubauer is a member of the Alliance 90 and the Green Youth, two associations that promote the environment. She is studying in Geography since 2015 at the University of Gottingen and has received many scholarships. 

This woman is like me as she is a young university student that is passionate about Geography and I am a young CEGEP student that loves Geography just like her. I did not choose a career path in Geography, however, I truly enjoyed the Geography classes that I had in high-school as well as in CEGEP. Another important way that Luisa and I are similar in that the fact that she is European and I am half European as my mother is Polish. In high school, I was a volunteer in a program for the environment along with 19 other students in my district, where we did all sorts of things to promote and educate others about the environment. For instance, we took part in things like planting trees, flowers, having presentations, painting a mural, going to manifestations, etc. Much like Luisa, I am engaged with the environment wanting to protect it and wanting to have better laws to do so. Also, I participated in the 2019 march for the environment in Montreal with Greta Thunberg just like how she participated in a march for climate change in Hamburg with Thunberg.

This woman is different from me as she has taken a different career path than me. Another difference would be that she lives in Germany, which is very different from Canada culturally. On top of having these cultural differences in our daily lives, she is a woman and I am a man. These sex differences have possibly led her to live certain obstacles that I will not have to live in my life simply because of the fact that I am a man. The same goes for me, I have possibly had obstacles that she will not have to go through in her life solely because she is a woman. Unfortunately, there are still today differences in the way one is treated in society because of one’s sex.

I decided on this woman as I find that she is very implicated in the world of climate change and the fight for the environment. I also chose this woman because she is young just like me and I find that it is easy to relate to a younger person that is fighting for a good cause and to be inspired by them as we have a similar background growing up in today’s society.

I find that her actions and what she stands for are inspirational. She has had a Ted Talk, which shows her confidence and her determination while she speaks in public and fights for the environment. She has participated in countless protests for climate change and stays true to herself and what she believes in as she refutes comparisons that the media makes about her being the German Greta Thunberg. She is her own person and she is trying to fight for the environment, which I find inspirational.


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