Blog post 4: Xiye Bastida

Xiye Bastida is an inspiring young woman. She is a climate change activist, only being 18 years old. Along with being a young activist she is also a member of indigenous Mexican Otomi-Toltec nation. She was born in Toluca, Mexico in 2002. In the year 2015, her hometown was hit with an extreme flood which lead for her and her parents to move to New York City. Both her parents were environmentalists who have influenced her in being a climate change activist. The way she started her activism was with a club about environment. It was from then on she heard of another young activist known as Greta Thunberg. From then on she continued the road of activism in high school in which she lead her school on her first climate change strike back on March 15, 2019 in New York City. She doesn’t only speak about climate change, back in 2018 she was awarded the “spirit of the un” when she gave a speech about  “Indigenous Cosmology at the 9th United Nations World Urban Forum.” Even having a large involvement in activism she is  also involved in people’s climate movement, sunrise movement and extinction rebellion. All  accomplished by the age of 18 years old.

One of the reasons I chose Xiye Bastida, besides being a young mexican woman like myself, it is the fact that she has accomplished so much already at such a young age. She as well has started a youth activism training program in order to promote activism in the climate change movement. Which is what makes her such an inspirational young woman, the fact that she is fighting for something important that effects all of us.. From taking initiative in starting a club when there wasn’t one about climate change in her school at such a young age, shows that she is a determined young woman. Which is something that everyone should aspire to be, a determined person who will stand for what they believe in no matter how old they are. Which goes to show that anyone can aspire for change at any age, which is why Xiye is inspirational to me.

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