Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams, born on November 17 1978, is a canadian actress. She is known for her roles on many canadian movies such as : perfect pie, my name is Tanino and the comedy serie Sling and arrows. Rachel McAdams is also an activist, she is involved in many environmental causes. She directed an environmental lifestyle habits website called Greenisexy.org with her two friends for 5 years. She also believes that cars pollute the environment, which is why she doesn’t own one, she travels around Toronto with her bike. She volunteered in Biloxi, Missipi and Louisana, in 2005, to clean up the cities after the Hurricane Katrina. In 2013, she filmed two videos on the First Food & Water movement in order to preserve prime agricultural land and spring water in Ontario.

Rachel McAdams is an inspiring women and I chose her because I share some common traits with her. First of all, she is Canadian just like me. She also used to play volleyball back in High school, and I’ve always been a fan of this sport, I used to be on the Volleyball team in high school as well. I also see myself in her because she’s an environmental activist and this is what I like about her. She is so motivated to change the world in a better place and that’s what I want to do, I want to be like her and open people’s eyes about the environmental issues around us. Rachel McAdams is a brave women, she doesn’t fear anytime. Although, unlike her, I am scared to get more involved in environmental causes because I know some people will react in a bad way during conferences or even protests and I’m scared of the consequences. I don’t have the courage that she has. Rachel is an inspiring women to me because she’s really involved in the environment and by looking at her hard work, you can see that she wants change. What I love about her is that she use her popularity to promote climate change.


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