Blog Post (Oral Presentation) : Nana Firman

Species are dying, glaciers have shrunk, forests are burning, etc…But where is this all coming from? These are all consequences of Climate Change. It affects us, and we have to change our ways of living to help the Earth. As a woman, I am very affected by climate change because I face higher risks in the impacts of it.

Nana Firman, a Muslim woman, takes climate change at heart. She is born and raised in Indonesia. Nana takes climate change at heart because she says that in Quran, Muslims are asked by God to take care and respect our planet like it deserves. She speaks for the Muslim community, and she takes action. I chose Nana Firman for this oral presentation because I am a Muslim woman, just like her. We have the same goals, the same religion, and I can relate to her. She is also an Immigrant in the USA. Islam is not perceived as a good religion. There are many prejudices and false ideas of what Islam is, and Nana shows the true image of Islam. It’s a religion of peace and justice, contrary to what the media says. She received an award in 2015 from the White House as a ‘’Champion of Change’’. In 2016, she co-founded the Global Muslim Climate Network, which is a platform to implement the declaration on renewable energy transformation. Firman trained with Climate Reality and former vice-president Al Gore in Australia to become a Climate reality leader. She says ‘’Islam is the world’s second-largest religion, and 1.6 billion people – from the United States all the way to my home country of Indonesia – identify as Muslim. The climate fight cannot succeed without the leadership and cooperation of the Muslim community, which is why the Global Muslim Climate Network was founded last year.’’ I agree completely with her, even if we are all in this fight together, regardless of the religion, the color, and the gender.

Finally, Nana Firman is an inspiration for me because she takes climate change at heart and she fights for what she wants. Even if we are a little different, because she is a mother, and we are raised in a very different environment, she is still a little like me because she is an immigrant Muslim woman, and she spreads the good image of Islam in the world while she’s helping entire communities.


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