Suffragettes Suffragette: Carey Mulligan, Helena Bonham Carter ...

Suffragettes is a British movie, it was directed by Sarah Gravon in 2015. This film talks about the struggle that women have to face to obtain the right of vote in England. It is inspired by real events that took place in London between 1912 and 1913. I found the movie beautiful because it traces the courage and will of Women to obtain gender equalities. Suffragettes concentrates on the difficult conditions that British women have to face everyday. They decide to make a movement known as the “Suffragettes” to fight for equality and freedom. The reactions of the government are really violent. During the strikes, women were getting beat up and arrested by police forces. In this film, Women are willing to do anything to fight for their freedoms. Maud, is the main character of the movie and she took a lot of risks. Her activism caused the loss of her husband, job and son.

The main character, Maud, played by Carey Mulligan is very inspiring. She is a mother and she works in a laundry. Her boss does not respect her, he insults her everyday for no reason and he also abused a lot of women workers in the past. In the beginning, Maud did not want to become an activist because her husband was against any feminist movements and she did not want to lose her family for that. However, one day, Maud decides to accompanies he coworker to one of the strikes. In response to the event, the police arrested all the girls. When she is released from prison, her husband kicks her out of the house and forbids her to see her own son, George. Maud loses her job as well because she was everywhere on the news since she was arrested. In response, Maud decides to continue to fight for Women’s rights because she felt like she was not treated equally since her husband would not let her see her son.

Emily Davidson is also an important character in the movie. She is also a suffragettes and she has been arrested many time by the police for supporting women’s rights. One day, she attended derby day with Maud, which is a popular sports event. There was a horse race and Emily ran out in front of one of the horses and sacrificed her life to send a message to the public. Her purpose was to show to people that women are suffering because they are not equal to men. Before committing this action, she told Maud to keep fighting no matter what happens. I found Emily really inspiring because she sacrificed her life for her feminism cause.

After watching the Suffragettes, I realized that anything can be possible. Those women were living in harsh conditions, but they still fought to death to get what they want. I feel like it represents a lot of women around the world. Today, there is still some countries where women are not equal to men, like for example in the middle east or Africa. This movie showed that anyone can change the world, we just have to fight and make our voices heard. I come from a middle eastern background. In my country, there is a lot of gender inequalities and after seeing this movie, it motivated me to change the world we live in.

To conclude, I found this movie amazing because it is inspired by real historical events. Through this film, we can see that women have suffered a lot and they have fought to death for their human rights. Thanks to them, women in American and European countries are now allowed to vote. It amazed me to see women risking their lives for their civil rights. I suggest this movie and I believe the director deserves an Oscar because she did a wonderful job.


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