In the context of this course, I attended a representation of the movie Rafiki. The movie was about a lesbian couple struggling to have a healthy relationship in a community that is ruled by the Church. Living in Kenya, Church is a very important aspect of society, which makes it very difficult for them to love each other publicly without being judged by others. As a christian person, I appreciated the presence of church in the movie although I strongly disagreed of the treatment the community gave to Kena and Ziki. This movie opened my eyes and made me remember that people form the LgBTQ+ community are not accepted as well as in Canada in other parts of the world. I did not think differently after this movie because I already thought that people of the LGBTQ+ community should not be subject to harsh treatments or violence in any way. Also, the producer is native from Kenya, from the same city where the movie took place which means that the movie represented the situation in an accurate way. The movie was filmed in 2018, meaning that up until recently, homophobia is very present in her city, which is a representation of the whole country. To conclude, I would recommend my friends to attend to the events because it is informative and it opens us to the world.

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