Blog 3

At the beginning the author’s opening anecdote was to show the role of women in a specific culture. As people tend to have the idea that women only recently gained power within society, which is true if looking at our specific culture. Which is why the authors point is to demonstrate that women actual had power in the sixteenth century and it was completely normal in the aboriginal society. It also shows how advance their culture was compared to the Europeans, as mentioned, women didn’t have any power, adding to the shock Europeans had when they found out that in that specific period of time women had a great deal of influence over men.

In the aboriginal societies men and women had different roles along with having a better sense of understanding when it came to equality compared to Europeans. Along with that they had a better acceptance about premarital relations and sexual orientation. Taking that into consideration, it is just to say that aboriginal societies where more advanced in their thinking and open minded as people tend to be in today’s day.

In the Innuit society, it would be considered the most related in practice to our modern-day society. As men in women had roles yet they each had their own important roles, but at the end of the day men and women’s decisions and opinions were equality as important. Which can be said about our society, as we tend to still have certain specific roles, although both genders opinions matter when making decisions. The society that tends to be the least related to ours would be the Mi’kmaw, as men would hunt, and women would do the agriculture and take care of the children. Although women had a certain degree of power, the main leaders were men. Which in today’s day, we have a lot more women as leaders.

Two spirited identities we people who had both female and male identities in one body. As if they were men bodied individuals the would wear feminine clothing and vise versa. Along with they had important roles in society, as they were “healers, seers, and bearers of oral tradition.” The difference with two-spirited peoples and the LGBTQ+ is that they held specific ceremonial roles of the two spirited community. While the term can only be used by a first nations person, or else the term wouldn’t make sense.

As mentioned, women in aboriginal societies were more advanced as their opinion and voice mattered in their community compared to the Europeans. As Europeans men had all the power over women, whereas the aboriginals it was either equal power or women’s opinion had a great influence on men.

As colonization progressed, Europeans took more and more land leaving the aboriginals with almost nothing. Along with the abuse brought upon them, from the alcoholism to the kidnapping of their children to attempt to change who they are has had a large impact on aboriginals. To this day the abuse done to them still continues as an example that they’re many of them who still don’t receive clean drinking water. Which is to show how till this day aboriginals are still being negatively affected by colonization.

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