Blog 4: Vanier Qmmunity Fair

I also attended the Vanier Vibrant Qmmnuity Fair. I found this fair a super great idea, and I was so glad that it was its second annual fair, and that it has been doing well. 

I loved the idea that they hold this even to recognize the LGBTQ community and its organizations in Montreal. It was held in Jake’s to participate in fun activities and cool prizes. Many educational people were there, handing pamphlets and a chance to ask questions.

In my opinion, this fair was set up to spread the knowledge and acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community. This fair was mostly about sex education and how to be safe within this topic. 

A key message that stood out to me was the how to stay safe sexually. Pamphlets were given so that students can further educate themselves regarding their questions. 

I found it smart that they included everyone, and even had free things such as; condoms. Which many people appealed to. I appreciated the fact that I felt a part of something, I did not feel judged for going to this fair. It was a popular event, and many people actually contributed to conversations, with their opinions on the topic and questions. 

I personally really enjoyed the fair; it was very educational and very inclusive. I think the fact that Vanier Vibrant too the time to appeal to most people there was a great idea, and a great success. I really hope that other schools offer this since this is very important to everyone, especially the youth of today. I recommend everyone goes and educated themselves on having safe sex. 

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