Blog 4: Gisele Bündchen

     As of recently, the issue in concern with climate change has become more and more alarming. As a result, many protests all around the world have appeared and many well-known celebrities are using their platforms to speak up on the matter. Environmental activist and supermodel Gisele Bündchen is no exception.

     On July 20th, 1980 Gisele was born in the town of Horizontina in the State of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. She was born into a big family of six children, meaning she had five sisters one of them being her fraternal twin. Gisele grew up in her town of birth and was later on discovered at the early age of 13. As of presently, Gisele has modeled for some of the most renowned companies around the world including Dolce & Gabana, Versace, and lastly Victoria’s Secret. 

     It was after she had taken a trip to Brazil in the Amazon that Gisele started to get more and more interested about climate change. She had spent time with Native tribes and saw how the water pollution was affecting them gravely. As a result, this inspired her to start her journey on making a difference in our environment. Since then, she has done a lot to raise awareness of the issue and help the environment such as creating an eco-friendly skincare products to creating the Clean Water Project with her family in their hometown. The Project allowed for them to be able to plant over 40,000 plants which aided to sustain the water in said region. Not only has she been apart of trying to change the environment for the better, she has also received recognition and rewards for such efforts. These include the “Best Green Celebrity Award”, and the “Global Citizen Award”, etc. On top of that Gisele was also given the position of Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations Environment Program in recognition to her efforts in the fight for environmental justice.

     I decided to choose Gisele because of her inspiring work for the environment that not many know about since it is overlooked by her career (being a model). For one, I believe that she is very inspirational figure to me and to many. The way I would describe inspirational is something or someone that motivates others to be the best version of themselves that they can be. I believe she qualifies as inspirational on a variety of different levels. For instance, she has spoken about her struggles with anxiety and her own personal mental health. I do believe that this sets an example to others that they should not be ashamed nor feel the need to hide their issues and that the stigma surrounding mental health itself should cease to exist. As, everyone goes through it no matter how much we idolize them or the life they live. Not only are we the same in terms of gender identity and sexual orientation but also in terms of beliefs. One distinct belief that I believe we have in common is being family-oriented. I do believe she values the importance of family since her family has been mentioned as something that motivates her to fight climate change so that her children can have a future. 

     Although we both have our similarities we also have differences in comparison to one another. Other than race and ethnicity we are also different in the sense that we are at different points in our lives. To elaborate she has found a passion that she truly is devoted to, this being environmental justice. Whereas, I am only now starting to think of my future and have not quite figured out what I want to do with my life and how I will contribute to making our planet a better place for not only myself but others and future generations to live in.

Gisele Bündchen

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