Blog 1: Trying to define Feminism

First of all, everyone has a different definition of feminism. I think that Valenti and Hooks have quite the same definition, but don’t have the same way to express themselves. They both think that feminism is when a women wants to be treated right! No sexism opression, no ideals about what a women should be like, etc. Hooks says that feminism is a movement against sexism, sexism exploitation, and opression. Valenti says that feminism is all about making your life better, which is the same thing as what Hooks said but in other words.

However, Valenti talks a lot about how girls are percieved in our society, and how society wants us to think there is something wrong with us, when there isn’t. Hooks on the other side, talks more about what is feminism, about how people react to feminists, etc. Feminism is important to those authors because it’s not normal that girls still feel opressed, that they are still raped, that some jobs are still less paid to women than men, etc.

Based on what I have read, I would define feminism as the idea that women have to be treated equally to men. This definition is what feminism is and what it has always been. I agreed 100% with both of the texts. Something that struck me is when Valenti talked about the woman who insulted the feminists. It stuck with me because sadly, that woman doesn’t understand what feminism is. If she did, she wouldn’t have said what she said. I just don’t understand how you can hate an idea that’s basically made to defend you! My appreciation of their article didn’t change because of the research I did. I really liked both of the articles, so nothing could change my appreciation of the texts.

3 thoughts on “Blog 1: Trying to define Feminism

  1. I also do think it’s sad that some women don’t understand feminism themselves. I understand that some women are more conservative in point of view, but feminism really should be for everyone.


  2. I also agree with your statement on the woman that insulted other woman. I think that she would not write it if she was more informed about what is a feminist and what it implies. I think she was just offended by Velenti’s description of a woman that is affraid of the word “feminist”.


  3. I really appreciated the fact that you brought up women insulting other woman because of their feminist beliefs. It makes me sad too that not all women support women and seek to tear each other down.


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