Blog 2: Women and Sports

When we think of sports, we think about exercising our body, dripping with sweat, becoming an image that would be associated with the country we support, and we think about having fun. Sports are for everyone yet; boys are more engaged in playing sports. Is it because we believe that females are inferior to males when it comes to physical activities or is it because of gender polarization and the number of opportunities they have been given?

According to WSF Teen Sport Report, 2018, 40 percent of teen girls do not actively participate in sports. This can also be directly linked to the 1.13 million opportunities given to boys instead of girls according to the National Federation of State High School Associations 2018-2019. Society does not approach girls as much as they approach boys. This causes young girls to categorize sports as an activity created for men and separate themselves from it.

Due to society labelling sports as an activity created for men, women have been treated as inferior beings, as they have rarely made more revenue than men when they have been displayed on the screen. This also has an impact on the final cash prize. For example, FIFA’s total prize money was around 400 million dollars for the men’s team in contrast to the 30 million for the women’s team in 2018. This is not the only case in which women’s sports teams have faced inequalities and will certainly not be the last one.


One thought on “Blog 2: Women and Sports

  1. It’s a grave injustice that women get paid less than men although they work just as hard. It’s also the same in the engineering workforce. Women have to work twice as hard to get recognition, have fewer opportunities than men and are also paid less.


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