Final Project: Birds of Prey

I chose the movie Birds of Prey, with Harley Quinn. I absolutely loved this movie and I found it quite empowering. I found that the fact the she had a full female squad/team to combat the bad guys was so cool and badass.

Something I absolutely loved about this movie was about a specific scene. These 5 girls are all fighting the bad guys and in the middle of the scene, one girl is seen struggling with her hair, and Harley Quinn asks if she needs a hair-tie, in the middle of the fight. I absolutely found it cool and badass, I couldn’t help but feel empowered after this scene. It showed that Quinn really was not worried about the fight. I think that in 2020, this was exactly how this movie needed to portray. It really made feel proud to be a woman.

At first, throughout the movie you see Harley Quinn beat the bad guys on her own, as she goes she realizes that the collective power of all these women is better.

At some point she decided to make friends with this young girl, and you can tell that she has not really had friends since the Joker. You can see here that she does have a soul and a personality, she did want to make friends and have a sense of community with others.

Lastly, the first couple of scenes is her trying to get over the Joker, she rips off her necklace with his name, and burns down the building where they met, making her so cool. I liked that she showed sadness at the beginning, it showed a softer side to women, and once she decides to cut him off completely, it is the most badass thing ever.

Harley Quinn really does portray a strong badass woman, she does not need a man for the mission at hand. She has her group of girls and they kickass. They are authoritative, mean and confident. I liked that not once in the movie did they need a man or ask for a man’s help.

throughout the course of the semester, we have discussed feminism and its multitude of aspects. I found that this movie really emphasized the ideal of independence and the path of self-discovery.

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