Feminism is a movement that fights for political and social rights for women. Feminists have fought for many big causes such as : The right for women to vote, getting access to education, the right for women to make their own decisions, and etc. Nowadays, feminism is still present, many women are fighting for their own rights around the whole world. Every single individuals have their own definition and thought of feminist. After analyzing, ‘You’re a Hardcore feminist. I swear.’ by Jessica Valenti and ‘Feminism is for everybody’ by Bell Hooks, I understood that both of these authors had a different view of what feminism is. Both of them agreed that feminism is not a sexist movement against men, it fights for the equality of both sexes. However, Valentin claimed that feminism is a huge movement for women, they deserve their places in society with respect. Bell Hooks believes that feminism is a movement to  end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression. Both authors pointed out some stereotypes about feminist supporters such as : feminists are anti-men, anti-sexist, ugly, fat. Valentin and Bell Hooks believes that feminism is a big controversial issue because of those stereotypes made toward women. In reality, feminism is more than an empowerment movement for women to get paid equally or the right to vote, it is for women to feel good and respected in their bodies. After reading the two texts, I realized that women fight for feminism causes to have a good place in society and not just to feel themselves above men.

The section that really struck me is the part is when Valentin said ‘Most people think feminism is a bunch of angry women who want to be like men. It stuck me because, as I feminist, I can clearly see that these people do not get the point of this movement. This movement was created for men and women to be both equal in term of politic, economy and social classes. As I feminist, I fight for the equality of both sexes and respect toward women rather than feel above men.

I made some research about the authors and their past life. Jessica Valenti was a victim of online threat throughout her career. In July 2016, she took a break from social medias after receiving rape and death threats aimed at her and also her 5 years old daughter. Throughout her childhood, Bell Hooks experienced racist, it was not easy for her to live in an American society as a black woman. So, in conclusion, I understand why both of these women want spread feminism around the whole world because they’ve been through a lot of injustice.

One thought on “Feminism

  1. Yes it is suprising to hear that most people think feminism is a bunch of angry women who want to be like men. It is totally the opposite of that. These people need to be educated on the topic, so that they can better understand the purpose of it. As hook told, we need to have advertisements or “billboards” to show the people the true definition of feminism.


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