Blog 4: Jamie Margolin

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Jamie Margolin is a young climate activist born on December 10, 2001, in Seattle Washington. She is doing a lot to make people aware of the climate crisis. She is in fact a very inspirational women that inspired me to do the minimum that I can to fight for the future of the environment.

Margolin and I have some important similarities. For instance, she is almost the same age as me. She cares about climate change just like me. She is an organized teenager who knows about her goals and ambitions that would lead her to success in the fight for climate crisis awareness. Like me, she makes a list of her goals for the whole year and checks off when she accomplished them. She is perseverant and wants her goals to be accomplished. She will do the most that she can to achieve them like me who will never give up when I face a challenge. 

Jamie Margolin have similarities, but we are also have some important differences Before I mentioned that I care about the environment like her, but I don’t do as much as her to fight for it. Jamie Margolin does not only vision for a better climate but also, she is doing everything in her power to make awareness of the current situation of the world. Furthermore, despite going to high school she has done a lot of the things that many of us including me cannot achieve. For instance, she became the co-founder of Zero Hour at the age of 15. She even organized the Youth Climate March in Washington and 25 other cities in America. 

I chose this woman because I can relate to her. She is a teenager like myself and I can connect with her in many ways. In addition, she is only a young woman. She is not an authority figure or a scientist, she is just strong individual fighting for a good cause Climate change will affect our generations. We will see the disasters that it will bring unless we can do something about it. This is what Jamie is trying to say. Seeing a young activist inspires me to change some of my habits for a healthier future.

What I find inspirational about her is that she is encouraging people around the world to take action for the environment. As I said before, she has done many great things at a very young age. For instance, at the age of 15, she co-founded a non-profit international organization called “Zero Hour”. This organization was created to have the voices of a young activist around the globe be heard. People in this organization are concerned that leaders and politicians are not serious about the climate crisis. Zero Hour teaches the youth and people around the world how the climate crisis is important and immediate actions should be taken to solve this problem. In brief, she is inspiring others to the same as her and spread knowledge about the world’s environmental situation.

In my opinion, an inspirational person is an individual that can motivate others to do something that they care about. They are much more than role models because they can captivate others by explaining their journey, their challenges or the difficult challenges that they had faced. It often brings strong emotions which influence us to do the same as them. For instance, Jamie Margolin is inspirational because she influences me and made me want to follow her path. I respect her because she brought into me the hope for a change of our way of thinking about the climate crisis. Also, because of that I can talk about her to my friends and family and inspire them as well. 

Here are some links that have more information about her:

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