Blog 3: Gender Roles in Indigenous Cultures

When evaluating indigenous cultures, everybody has equal rights, whether it is a man or a woman. In the indigenous community, everyone’s role is important, everyone contributes something to its society. Which is very different compared to our society, where men and women are not very equal. 

Within these indigenous cultures, same sex marriages are not viewed as taboo as some other cultures may still think to this day. The gender relations in indigenous cultures are very open compared to Western cultures. Obviously now-a-days, western cultures are becoming more tolerant of same sex marriages and much more egalitarian. There obviously still is some discrimination towards women. Lately, sexual harassment is at an all-time high. This meaning that men, still think they are superior to women, or even the abuse of power. Also, men in some parts of the world are still paid more than women for doing the same job and the same hours.

What really impacted me about the indigenous cultures is the fact that they are completely egalitarian. Not only are they equals between men and women, but they also view LGBTQ+ members are equals too. We really should be using the indigenous communities as role models for our communities. 

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