Mary Robinson

Mary Robinson is the woman involved with the urge to fight climate change that I chose to learn more about. She was the seventh president of Ireland and the first-ever woman to hold this position. Many women cried on the day of her inauguration merely because they didn’t know it was possible for a woman to become president and hold so much power. She was born on May 21, 1944. After being president she became the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. In 2010, she established the Mary Robinson Organization- Climate Justice. It is the injustice of climate change that she finds so striking. Is that it affects the poorest countries and the poorest communities. In the United States, there have been storms that have destroyed the poorer regions. The poorer community is less resilient so it takes longer for them to recover from such great damage that the bad climate has caused them. 

After talking to a lot of women she has realized the gender dimensions that are involved in climate change. The roles of women and men are different and she has noticed that it is the women that are “supposed” to be in charge of putting food on the table, have to go get the water and firewood and if there is a drought it makes the situation worse. Climate change is setting back development for poor means of support and she says it impacts women in particular because they are the ones who want to try and keep their families together. Her mission is “to put justice and equity at the heart of responses to climate change, particularly those concerned with how best to respond and adapt to the challenge that it poses for the poorest and most vulnerable peoples of the world.” 

An important way that we are different is that she is a very confident woman and had no problem becoming the first-ever woman president of Ireland. She knew that she could do it just as well as any man and do it even better. This happened thirty years ago at a time when gender equality wasn’t understood by everyone. The fact that she put herself out there and did what she wanted and accomplished it greatly says a lot about the person she is. I wish I had that much confidence and it is something that I can hopefully work on in order to make an impactful difference in the world like she did. 

An important way that we are similar is that firstly, we are both Irish and secondly that she is very people-centred and is also fighting for a more equitable future. I like that she cares and finds it unfair how people in the poorer communities are the ones that suffer the most from the consequences of climate change. I always help the less-fortunate in any way I can, especially around Christmas time my sister and I always make food and donate toys for people who can’t afford it. I think what she is doing is different and stands out from what other activists are doing because her non-profit is targeting a demographic that people sometimes forget about.

I chose this woman because I liked the fact that she is fighting climate change for the less fortunate, I did my research on a few people beforehand and I just liked how not only did she want to protect the environment but also the people that can’t save themselves from the damage that has been done. A lot of the other women were scientists but I felt like her reasoning hit home.

I think she is a very inspirational woman. She had so much courage to put herself out there and become president. She did what a lot of young women never even thought was possible and made it possible. I define inspirational as someone who has made a difference in our world and is someone we can look up to as a role model. 

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Blog 04: Jane Fonda turns 82

The inspirational woman I chose for my oral presentation is Jane Fonda. She is an actress who was born December 21, 1937 in New York, United States. She is now 82 years old with many awards and a voice that will be heard when she speaks. By her being an actress many will look at her as an inspiration a role model, mostly due to the fact that she has taken upon herself to speak for everyone else’s needs, as in keeping the planet, our world clean (no pollution, the need to recycle and other things). She also cares about the future generations to come. 

I see her as a very persistent woman, one that does not back down easily and I relate to her by being tenacious myself. On the eve of her birthday she, along 82 other famous people regrouped in order to fight against climate change. The reason behind 82 people is due to her turning 82. 

She has gotten arrested several Fridays in a row for protesting against climate change, which is something I would never see myself doing. I would never go to the extreme and risk of getting sent to jail. That’s one of our difference but also the reason she might not care much is due to her being a celebrity, because if she goes to jail everyone will hear about it and word/news of her going and fight for climate change would spread faster. Also she is a woman of old age, she has nothing big to loose, unlike me. 

The reason I decided to talk about her as an inspirational woman is due to the fact that she is a famous actress who actually uses her voice to spread awareness, while others only promote brands if they get payed. She does this out of the goodness of her heart. Also I had heard about her on the radio as the women who was fighting for climate change who got arrested on several Fridays. 

As I said, the reason I found her inspirational is due to her persistency and use of voice. 

For me someone who is inspirational is a person who has goals that they would like to achieve positively and while doing so many individuals would like to follow their footsteps or be like them, as in adopting good habits. 

Marinel Sumook Ubaldo

Marinel Sumook Ubaldo is a 22 year old climate change activist from the Philippines. I am like her because we are both young Filipino women whose families have felt the aftermath of natural disasters in the Philippines, but we are different because I have not experienced the firsthand effect of any natural disaster due to climate change in the Philippines like she has. 

She is a survivor of the super-typhoon called Typhoon Haiyan that hit the Philippines in 2013. It was the most powerful typhoon in recorded history. Over 7000 people died and around 15 million people were displaced in the Philippines. This typhoon happened as a result of the climate crisis and many people like Marinel were left with nothing. This experience made her realize that it was her duty to fight for climate action from the Filipino Government to protect her community. She is fighting for the government to provide access to clean water, electricity, and housing. She is also urging governments of wealthier countries, who have contributed the most to climate change, to support the countries that are suffering the most from the dangerous effects of climate change.

Because of her activism, the President of France invited Marinel to talk in front of leaders about climate change at the COP21 conference in France. She has also spoken in front of thousands in New York about climate injustice. This makes her different from me because she has been successful in fighting for her cause in front of world leaders who were listening to her.

I chose to talk about Marinel because I wanted to talk about a Filipino activist since activism is often trying to be silenced in the Philippines. There are many allegations made from Filipino climate activists reporting threats from the military and illegal mining companies. Activists are risking so much to address the climate crisis that has been worsened by richer countries like the United States and Canada, who have used poorer countries around the world as dumping grounds for their garbage. These countries are already in vulnerable climate locations and they are experiencing the worst consequences of the climate change crisis. 

I think Marinel is inspirational because she reminds people to not underestimate the power of the individual. She came from a remote area in the Philippines but she is speaking out about climate change around the world. I define “inspirational” as someone who gives their all to a movement that they are passionate about. Marinel used a traumatic experience to better her community by speaking out and she got people to listen. An inspirational person to me is someone who is uncompromising and determined to implement real change and Marinel embodies that perfectly.


“Storming the Wall: Climate Change, Migration, and Homeland Security” by Todd Miller 


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, commonly known as AOC, is a hero.

I believe that the U.S Representative for New York’s 14 congressional district meets the criteria used to define heros. In the face of adversity, Ocasio-Cortez has faced all challenges, whether personal or in the public sphere, with great courage, ingenuity and strength, therefore we can check off the technical definition of hero. I believe her to transcend the bounds of the stereotypical, mainstream hero and make of herself a modern heroine, without even trying to. 

Of Puerto Rican descent, a woman, born in the Bronx to a working-class family, Ocasio-Cortez is not the figure of the hero we see in the stories or the media. However, she has built that for herself thanks to her intellect and charisma. A graduate from Boston University in international relations and economics, a former bartender and waitress, the knowledgeable congresswoman fought her way to win one of the most shocking electoral upset victories of the 2018 midterm elections primaries. She did this by starting a grassroots movement that touched the hearts of her constituents and gave her national attention.  Since then, she has been one of the most influential and important voices in the United States congress, and a democratic socialist, badass warrior for human rights, women, people of color and the working-class, amongst many others. 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a woman who inspires me. Heroes are moral compasses, people to look up to and strive to be like while maintaining our sense of individuality. Heroes, in their paths, inspire us to do better, to follow our ambitions. AOC has inspired me to believe in myself. If she could do it, why couldn’t I, a person with a similar background, achieve my goals with as much courage and dedication as she? In a world where little brown girls from humble beginnings don’t have anyone to represent them, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has given us the hope necessary for us to use our voice, and that burgeoning hope that swells in our chest will give birth to the strongest generation of women you’ll ever hear. Are you ready to hear us scream?


Blog 04: Maria Neira

An inspiring woman to me, is anyone who goes out of their comfort zone to make a change. In this case Maria Neira has done a lot for the environment in terms of tracking process on health and climate change. Maria P. Neira was born in 1962 and is a Spanish physician and international civil servant and diplomat. She is commonly known as the director for the department of Public Health, Environment and social determinants of Health, World Health Organization. She also worked with refugees for “Doctors Without Borders” for those who were underprivileged in Salvador and Honduras. Today she encounters the lengths that society must go to, to protect the environment from climate change. 

Maria Neira is like me in the sense where we both come from European backgrounds and are women with aspirations in life to become the greatest versions of ourselves. Although our aspirations may be different, I believe that when I put my mind to something, I can get it done just as well as she can. Maria Neira is different than me because she has the courage to stand up and voice her opinions regarding the environmental issues. Regarding her accomplishments it demonstrates how she’s a very outgoing person, while on the other hand I’m more reserved. It takes a lot of power to be a great speaker, therefore that’s where we differ. She also has the tendencies to inspire so many individuals all over the world while fighting against making the environment into a better place. She gives the message that she is a powerful and inspirational woman that can influence many into making a change.

I decided to choose Maria Neira simply because I knew nothing about her, and I wanted to learn why she was nominated for being an inspirational woman. I learned how, “Maria has been spearheading the global fight against air pollution as director at the World Health Organization” (Wyns).  In her Ted talk, I enjoyed the way she linked climate change to the simple action of breathing because it reminds people that if the earth becomes over heated, we won’t even be able to do the basic necessities of living. She states how, “Seven million premature deaths a year caused by exposure to the bad quality of the air we breathe,” and that if we want it to stop we should consider, “reducing traffic in cities or investing in public transport and engaging in promoting cycling in cities, investing in renewable energy, promoting cleaner energy for cooking, cooling and transportation and heating are solutions.” I think people like her are crucial to have considering we need someone to look up to when it comes to making the right decisions. 

Ultimately, I seem to find her quite inspirational because she’s knowledgeable on the topic, she has a big heart and takes interest in regarding the health of the environment and of many individuals. She inspires people to make the right decisions and to cut down on bad habits because it only come as drawbacks for the environment and for our health. Due to the fact that she’s persistent in her field, she won the Inspirational women working towards protecting the environment, International Women’s Day Celebration in Geneva, by UNEP in 2016. It takes one person to inspire all and I truly believe that Maria Neira has the power to do so.

By: Julianna Noto 


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