Blog 2: A Women’s Wardrobe

Briana Panaccione

Our style is a way of expressing ourselves. It is glimpse into who we are without verbally saying it. Our style is shown through the clothes we wear; it allows us to show our uniqueness, self confidence, and creativity. Our choice of clothes projects an image of who we are. Though it all sounds wonderful, here is the issue, some people will assume certain wrong messages by our choice of style and use it as an excuse to defend their actions or thoughts. For example, if a girl wears a short skirt and revealing top at a party, some people will assume that she is slutty and is asking for attention. But why can’t the message be that she is confident and feels sexy; and why does sexy have to be confused with being sexual? Or if a girl wears legging and a short top, people will assume she is trying to show off her ass or that she doesn’t have good morals etc. Why do clothes have to be sexualized and used as a justification for people’s thoughts. What we wear represents part of who we are, but it shouldn’t imply that we are promiscuous or asking for anything or have any other intentions then expressing ourselves.

There are many cases where women are criticized for what they wear when there are accusations of rape. There was a story in Jakarta where a man not only raped but also killed a girl. The capital governor blamed the girl for wearing a mini skirt instead of punishing the man’s awful actions. According to the site, women protested in defensive saying: “Don’t Tell Us How to Dress, But Tell Them Not to Rape.” There are so many other cases where people blame rape cases on what the person wore, that we are “asking for it”, but I can bet that the majority of the world’s population wouldn’t ask to get raped or imply that in any way. We should have the social freedom to wear what we want and not constantly be judged or harassed. Rape or any form of assault should not be blamed for what the women was wearing. In article on Independent news, Dr Hannah Bows said ‘“We know that people are raped wearing a variety of clothing. The idea that a woman who goes out scantily clad will be pounced on is the most common myth across generations. They could be in their jeans, school uniform, or pyjamas.”’ She further explains that rape is not about what a woman wears but rather a man having domination and control over the women. It is time that people stop sexualising women’s clothing’s and realize who the true criminal is.

            It is scary and surprising that people of high authority such as police officers, judges, etc.…, would ever possibly accept or try to justify an action as cruel as rape or sexual assault. It is dehumanizing and disappointing that women have to worry about any consequences their outfits will sexually project to other people. Wardrobe and style are never and should never be an excuse for others committing degrading actions towards women.  


One thought on “Blog 2: A Women’s Wardrobe

  1. Yes, I totally agree that women should be able to wear whatever they want. A woman should not be blamed for her dressing for being raped. It was sad to hear the story of Jakarta because she is the victim but the the capital governor made her guilty. I also agreed that nobody is asking to be raped. We should end rape instead of finding ridiculous explanation of their cause.


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