Blog 4: Emma Thompson

The inspirational women that I have chosen to present is Emma Thompson, also known as Nanny McPhee. Emma Thompson was born April 15 in 1959 in London, England. Aside from being a very successful actress, she has also shown herself to be a very engaged activist. Emma Thompson is very dedicated to helping humanity and making the world a better place. Thompson is a longtime environmental supporter of Greenpeace UK and the Food Foundation. She is also the president of the Helen Bamber Foundation, which provides specialized care for refugees who have experienced extreme cruelty, such as torture and human trafficking. She has also spent many years campaigning for immigrants’ rights.

The way I define someone inspirational is a person who sets an example for others and encourages others to do what they do by leading them and showing them that it is possible to make a difference. This leads to people looking up to the person and being inspired by them to conquer any obstacle they are facing. I believe that Emma Thompson is an inspiration because of how she has demonstrated how much of an impact one individual can have in our world. The important similarity between Emma Thompson and I is the strive to make the world a better place. I want to help people around me and save the planet just as her. I would like to make an impact and fight for what is right just as she is doing. However, the important difference between us is that she has a bigger platform than I do, and she is more courageous. I continue to look up to her and hopefully one day I will work up enough courage to make a difference.

Emma Thompson joined the Extinction Rebellion (XR) group to protest in a non-violent mass protest. Thousands of people blocked the city’s major traffic routes. This gathering was put in place by the grassroots movement and they have three main goals: to get governments to declare a “climate emergency;” to eliminate net greenhouse gas emissions by 2025; and to have citizens’ assemblies lead the government on climate and ecological justice. She also wrote a letter directing the State on climate change and what the government should be doing to help the environment.



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