Blog 1: The Definition of Feminism

Jessica Valenti describes feminism as being the movement that advocates equality, and justice between the sexes, and that that the end goal is to end sexism and oppression. 

In this text, Hook and Valenti agree that feminism movement can most of the time be associated with negative stereotypes, for example, how some people believe that some feminists are against men as a whole. They explain how the term feminism should be clarified for some people. 

When Hook describes feminism with a more intellectual way of speaking, almost or a different audience. As opposed to Valenti, who is trying to state facts, and to lay the cards all on the table. Their definitions are also not the same since Hook thinks that feminism can be in the hearts of everyone as opposed to Valenti, who states the complete opposite. 

After reading this, my idea of feminism did not change, since I already have my own definition of what feminism is, and how I choose to follow it as a feminist myself. I would give the give the same definition as the one at the beginning. I define feminist as someone who advocates for the equality of men and women. 

The section about the stereotypes really caught my attention. I love when writers want to connect with the reader using examples and everyday experiences. 

I don’t think my appreciation changed after doing some research about the writers. I think that their thoughts on feminism are well supported and I agree with them for the most part. 

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