Blog 4: Ellen Page

Ellen Page is a very inspirational woman. She is a Canadian actress, producer and activist.  She was born on February 21st, 1987, and raised in Nova Scotia, born to her mother who is a teacher and father who is a graphic designer.  Ellen page has been in a few movies you may know such as Juno, Inception and X-Men: Days of Future Past. Ellen Page has recently become more of an active participant in climate and environmental activism.

Furthermore, in her most recent work, she travelled to her home town and surrounding areas of Nova Scotia to shed light on a problem called “environmental racism.” According to Kaitlyn Mitchell, environmental racism is used to express, “the interconnectedness of environmental health, socio-economic conditions, and racialized discrimination.” This means that there is discrimination against a minority group in an environmental context. A popular example would be if one would dump their toxic waste near a poorer African American community just because they are poorer, compromising their health. In context to Ellen Page, she went to Nova Scotia to make her documentary to make known many problems in the area and features minority communities trying to get money for a huge clean-up of major water ways such as the Boat Harbour in which tonnes toxic waste is being dumped into it.   Also these communities are fighting to stop the construction of a huge dump as well as the construction of a natural gas storage facility. All of these negative actions are seriously affecting the environment, including the contribution to climate change and many other gravely important aspects of life. Not only is it impacting climate change, but also the health ocean wildlife, the health of everyday people, and also animals.

Ellen Page is appropriately using her platform to inform and make known these events to help make instill change and make progress to halt climate change as well as aid in the end environmental racism. This documentary was shown in the Toronto International Film Festival in 2019 which I think is amazing. Ellen Page is very inspirational and a woman that we all should look up to.

Link to trailer of documentary:





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