Blog 4: Inspirational Woman Involved with Climate Change

Jessica Alba is an actress, born April 28, 1981. This 38-year-old is not only an actress but a businesswoman. But before being an actress and a businesswoman, she’s a human being trying to live her best life, just like you and me. Jessica believes it’s important to practice what you preach. She believes every person can do something small to help the planet, and that will make a big difference in the end. “I try to do my best to compost, recycle, use eco-friendly and sustainable materials” Jessica says.

Alongside her eco-friendly lifestyle at home, Jessica is the co-founder of The Honest Company, a company which specializes in eco-friendly products. She created this company because she believes no one should have to choose between what works for them and what’s good for them. She was never able to find one brand to trust with her everyday needs, especially being a mother. She figured there were others looking for safe products, simple solutions and clear information about their choices as well. If you visit her website (link below), everything is divided in different categories. For example, babies, beauty, home, bath and body. The company provides a variety of products!

Jessica is an inspiring woman to me for more than one reason. Firstly, she is someone who used her fame and success in a positive way. She has such an optimistic attitude about her company, and I respect her immensely for that. “It’s possible to put people and the planet first, all while making profit.” She shows how businesses can play a powerful role in climate movement, and that is something most companies and entrepreneurs lack. Most times, buying eco-friendly products means spending more money, but Jessica is trying to make her products safe while still being affordable. I relate to Jessica because of her mentality of preaching the importance of every individual doing their part in saving the planet. There is a stereotype of being an environmentalist, but in the end no matter how big a difference you are making you are still considered an environmentalist. You don’t have to be an extreme, you can simply have a balanced approach because every little thing makes a big difference. She started off changing simple lifestyle choices and brought it to a whole new level. Jessica went the extra step of creating her business, which is something I cannot relate to. Not because I haven’t created a business, but because I’ve never began any sort of movement involving climate change.

2 thoughts on “Blog 4: Inspirational Woman Involved with Climate Change

  1. I didn’t know Jessica Alba was activist before reading your blog post. Nevertheless, the blog post made me appreciate her more as an actress and an activist.


  2. I agree with this actress, I think that indeed everyone can contribute into saving the planet by doing small actions such as avoiding single usage plastic water bottle and also recycle more.


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