Blog 4: Kate Marvel

Kate Marvel is a climate scientist at Columbia University, an associate research scientist at the NASA Goddard Institute for space studies, a teacher and a writer. She majored in physics and astronomy and has a PhD in theoretical physics. Near the end of her graduate school and the beginning of her career as a scientist, she realized she wasn’t satisfied with the field of work she was going towards. She wanted to work with science in a way that would bring more of an importance to people’s lives and make more of a difference in society and the way they view science in relation to the climate issue. This is where she found her love for climate science. She is a passionate spokesperson for climate science and focuses on spreading the right information about the dangers and effects of climate change from a scientific point of view, at a time where it is very misunderstood and where we need it the most. 

Since I had never heard of climate science, let alone Kate Marvel herself, I found her journey into the science world very intriguing and inspiring. There have always been barriers between men and women in the work force; especially when it comes to science. Since the majority of people assume scientists are dominated by men, it created a lot of doubt on her from others. In an interview she explained how people expected her to fail in her line of work: “You get a lot of people calling you stupid and uninformed in ways that they wouldn’t say to somebody who looks more like the stereotypical view of a scientist.”. Regardless of all the negativity being put on her, it never stopped her from pursuing her passion and only gave her strength to be better at a time where it would’ve been so easy to give up. This is one of the many reasons why I admire her and consider her an inspiration, especially in the science world. She has also been able to use her knowledge and platform as a respected scientist to not only publish journals on her work but teach students at universities and adults at the annual TED Talks or other major conferences to expand peoples understanding on this growing issue.

What I find inspirational about Kate Marvel is how she doesn’t accept the stereotypical views about men and women in science. She’s realized and spoken on the issue that women have always had a specific role of expanding the family and being home when that shouldn’t be the only option young girls have to hear when thinking about their future.  


By: Alexa Vacante

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