Blog 4 : Isra Hirsi

Who would have ever thought that the younger generation would have a bigger voice than the older one? With everything going on with climate change, many are affected by it and want a big change. Many youths are involved in the fight to prove that climate change is a real thing. Isra Hirsi is one of them .

Isra was born February 22 2003 , which now makes her 17 years old .She is a climate and racial justice advocate. She co- founded the U.S Youth Climate Change strike . This is a global movement for climate change. This young lady is from a somalian background that is religious just like her .Her mother has been a politician since 2019, she served as the V.S representative for Minnesota where her daughter Isra grew up. Isra is still in high school, but has her mind set on being a change maker.

 Since a young age, she already had a good idea about the bad and injustice that was happening, such as innocent black men getting killed by white officers. When she was in middle school, she was focused on the Black Lives Matter movement. At the age of 12, she protested for a 24 years old black man who got shot by police officers. 

In March 2019, she coordinated the organization of hundreds of student-led strikes across the United- States for climate change.

Her passion for climate change came when she was in her freshman year. She joined an environmental club where she started her climate activism.

Many people do not take her seriously because of her age, the color of her skin, and her religion. Despite the fact that she’s a young Muslim black girl with a politician as a mother she is still her own person and wants to be defined by her actions and not her mother’s. She knows people don’t take her seriously because she’s considered to be “just a 17 years old girl” who doesn’t know much. In fact, she talks with so much knowledge that you don’t even think she’s 17. When Isra speaks in front of an audience, she has the voice of a leader and so much confidence to be a figurehead.

Her hard work to make a change has made her win a Brower Youth Award last year. These awards are given to environmental and social justice leaders under the age of 23. I believe that her strong and unbothered personality deserved that award.  

I chose her to be my inspirational woman because of how much she desires to be a change maker . I love that she knows people of her color have more difficulty making it and it doesn’t matter for her . She is desired to be someone who is going to make a change and I really admire that because not a lot of people are as motivated and courageous like her.

Alexia Ighekpe


Article on Isra Hirsi

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