Blog 2: Women and pornography

Speaking upon the subject of porn may be a category not many are comfortable to talk about, especially when it comes to women. However, many of us frequently hold a gender bias when we ponder about porn. For instance, when we think about the actors in the “film” many of us automatically think about women. On the other hand, when we think about the “viewers” we are more likely to think about men. Many studies have shown, including Dr. Brenner Grant (FAPA) researches, that men view pornography more often than women, which is usually no surprise. Studies have also shown, that the age group of men who view porn the most are between the ages of 18-25 year old. However, it is sill fairly common that women report watching porn, sometimes it could be due to social standards that not many women are open to talk abut their use of porn.

It is often no surprise that porn exposes naked bodies to the viewers and especially for women the bodies of the porn stars can have an effect on how they feel about their own bodies. There is sort of a subconscious pressure on women to have such a “perfect body” in order to “please” the men. When it comes to porn women have always been regarded as sexual beings, which is quite frustrating to see a whole website based on the sexualizing of a women. Surely, when it comes to pornography women performers tend to be younger-looking, having larger breasts, perfectly groomed pubic hair, etc. Moreover, based on dozens of researches the most viewed categories on porn for men are large breasts, young, and MILF which stands for “Mother I’d like to f*” and a MILF’s are usually defined as sexually attractive older women.

In a society, that already puts a lot of pressure on women to be physically attractive based on the beauty standards of society, pornography plays a huge role in it as well that not many or aware of. The more concerning part would be that porn websites such as PornHub is 4th on the list of the most viewed websites, right after Wikipedia, Netflix and Amazon (excluding all social medias). Also, the fact that there are so many young viewers on pornography websites, can have a great effect on shaping the views of society when it comes to sexuality and relationships.


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2 thoughts on “Blog 2: Women and pornography

  1. I enjoyed reading this blog post because it brings a lot of new information to my understanding. I had no idea that Pornhub had such a high viewing rate! It somewhat disturbed me because I feel like more men than I thought will tend to hypersexualize women’s bodies, a concern the writer of this blog post explained as common. As she/he said, it is somewhat alarming that people start viewing pornography at such a young age because it blurs the sense of reality! It saddens me a little bit because at the end, nobody can have control over the attitude a person will adopt based on things seen on the internet. I guess the only thing we can do is educate young people so that their view of reality isn’t so biased and they treat their peers with respect.

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  2. You talked about how you believed that porn shaped a mans perspective of how a woman should be. I agree with what you said and also believe that it instills a false view on what sex is really like and sets high standards for girls to attain because most girls are depicted as “perfect”.

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