Final Project: Wonder Woman

The movie Wonder Woman is a movie that empowers women and shows the inequalities that were present in the past. 

Wonder Woman lives on Paradise Island, alongside many other women who have learned how to fight in the war. This proves that women are capable to do anything men can, since we see more often men fighting in wars. Also the timeframe of the movie is during World War 1 and at that time men were forced to join the army and women needed to stay home and take care of the children. Diana, known as Wonder Women has been thought at a young age how to fight, which lead her to ending the Great World War by killing Ares but also freeing the village of Veld and having one last peaceful and joyful night before being poisoned and passing away by the gas. This all proves that women are as strong as men when going to fight in wars. 

The First World War happened from 1914 to 1918 and in this time, women did not have rights. They were not able to assemble with men in rooms to discuss what they know on the war or to strategies how they are going to fight with their guns and advanced machinery, in order to win. Women were invisible in that field and in general, their ideas were inadmissible. For example, when Diana snuck in the room where a room full of men were discussing on the war (what had happened and what they should do), as soon as she entered the room discreetly many men either started to whisper to the person next to them or they became silent, due to shock of a female appearance. Females were not welcomed in male gatherings, there was a huge noticeable division between men and women. 

Throughout the entire film you can see how women were presented during those years. Wonder Woman’s outfit is very fitting in today’s society to wear it for Halloween or a costume party and it is not far from crop tops and short shorts that is girls wear today. However, it was very “slutty” to wear an outfit like that in public or in general. When Steve’s assistant came to help her choose an outfit she could not move in it or it was very itchy on her neck. This shows that women have come through a lot of changes over a century, we now can wear much comfier clothes and have the liberty to move. In this particular scene, Steve’s assistant says that women do not have rights and are willing/wanting to change that. 

On her Island we see women working together and that all women are welcomed, they all cared about each other’s welfare. This idea of cooperation may not seem new, however it is mostly seen that men have an easier time getting along with other men. As for women people imagine them arguing over the smallest of things or talking about other people’s business. On the Paradise Island the viewers can see that there is only harmony between each other. The only small disagreement that was present was Queen Hippolyta not wanting Diana to learn how to fight, to prevent Ares from coming to fight against them. Even then, Queen Hippolyta and her sister who trained and was the general of the army had disagreements did not scream at one another, they just exchanged a few words peacefully, without disrespecting one another. 

Wonder Woman symbolizes the values that women have in their own culture, sisterhood. It symbolizes strength and self-reliance for women and mutual support among women. As well as peacefulness and esteem for human life. There’s also a diminishment of “masculine” aggression and the belief that violence is the only way of solving conflicts. All in all this movie empowers women by showing one women’s strength and how one women can make a difference for many individuals. As in women should and can be incorporated in anything and everything life offers. 

In addition, I liked how Doctor Poison was a girl. This showed that some women who have great education/knowledge can be useful and become integrated with the leaders, however she did not use her intelligence for a good cause. 

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