Blog 1: Defining Feminism

The feminist movement should be viewed in a more positive and powerful way than it is now. Our society doesn’t necessarily understand the true meaning of what being a feminist is, which is why it is such a controversial topic and causes many people to have a false sense of its significance and see it negatively. After reading their articles, we can agree that Jessica Valenti and Bell Hooks both shared similar thoughts and opinions on what feminism is. It is about empowering women and standing up for what they believe they deserve in all aspects of society (social, political, economic, etc.). Both authors explain how feminism is not about being “anti-male, anti-sex”, but rather about having equal opportunities and respect for one another. Many people have trouble grasping this point in feminism. 

In Jessica Valenti’s article, she expands more on the issue of how there are many stereotypes about what people think feminists look like when in reality women should be able to express themselves freely and not have to follow certain norms in society. Valenti believes that feminism is about “making your life better”. As women, we often experience situations where we are made to feel as if we are not good enough or not worthy enough. Being able to see through that and realize we are, can help us feel good about ourselves and learn self-respect. On the other hand, Bell Hooks focuses more on the issue of male domination and ending sexism. She shows how feminism essentially challenges the thought of male domination by fighting for our rights and standing up for ourselves. While they talk about this topic from different viewpoints, they are both conveying the same important message about bringing awareness to this topic. I believe it is important for these authors since it’s time to change the way people view feminism. They have grown up and lived in a society that has degraded women for so long that it is time to change this way of thinking.

While reading these two articles, many things they mentioned were very eye-opening for me. One of the biggest things that struck me was in Jessica Valenti’s article when she was explaining how the worst thing a guy (or anyone) can be called is a girl when it comes to insults and so on. It made me realize how often I have witnessed that in school or between a group of people and not understanding the true meaning behind their words. 

I have always understood the true and important meaning of feminism, so reading these articles didn’t change anything for me when it came to the definitions. Although, reading these articles did give me a lot more knowledge on things I didn’t think about before and made me realize how many problems women face on a daily basis which was very eye-opening for me.

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