Final Project: Exploring Feminism

In the hit television series “Grey’s Anatomy”, the show is based around the medical field and the day to day lives of the surgeons that work in the hospital. Viewers get an insight of what it is really like to be a surgeon and the difficult tasks they all have to complete in order to become the finest doctors. The show mostly showcases the life of Merideth Grey, who is one of the main characters in the show as well as her friends Alex, Amelia, Maggie and more. This show has always been interesting to me because of the medical point of view, but it also includes women tearing down stereotypes from society.

Throughout the series we encounter many characters taking turns to be the head of their department speciality and the chief of the hospital. There have been around four people we see that we have been chief of the hospital, three of the four being male. The first black women to ever be chief of the hospital, Miranda Bailey has gone against the common stereotype of only male counterparts having a high position in the workplace. Dr. Bailey has gone against society’s idea of only having males in high positions and made the hospital the best it could be. 

When Dr.Bailey was chief, she felt the pressure of having to look nice when she goes into work, which includes wearing heels. In one of the episodes, she stated how she felt imprisoned and confined in the heels all because she has a higher position. She tells her husband how she feels it is unfair she has to walk in uncomfortable heels, instead of her surgery shoes, all because she has to fit a certain criterion. She then takes off her heels, not caring about what her colleagues will say about her unprofessional attitude. 

Another example of the show showing characters going against stereotypes is having the majority of departments with women as the head of them. There is a woman as the head of trauma, cardio thoracic, general and neuro. This is a huge step from what it used to be in society, with only males having higher positions in the workplace. No one steps down on them or treats them differently in the show, just because they have higher positions than others. It shows how women have the ability to have certain positions and should be offered it when it is well deserved.

This show really takes back what society sees as normal for how the workplace should be ran. It shows women empowerment and goes against certain stereotypes for gender. These women that have been put in higher positions are because they deserve to be there thanks to their talent and brilliant minds. It shows that women can be anything they set their mind to and no male counterpart should diminish them or make them feel as if they don’t deserve it. 

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