Blog 1 : Defining Feminism

In my opinion , I think for both of them it is necessary to promote feminist because many people think one way towards feminists .They all have that same perception that feminists are ugly and about hating men .For Jessica Valenti, she finds that we should not have one vision towards feminists . She focuses more on  equality towards both genders . For Bell , she defines feminism as being a movement to end sexist oppression. She basically is explaining that we should end stereotypes towards women . Both authors have the same perception towards feminism but their definitions are a bit different .

Their definitions is similar because they believe that people have their own definition of feminist .They explain how the world sees feminism as being anti-men, hairy ugly girls .Hook’s shows how some people see feminism being an ideology for protest only . For these two authors , feminist is important because it is something they believe in and want people all around the world to promote it and stop seeing it as a a atrocious ideology towards men.

 I would describe a feminist as being someone who stands for the rights of both genders .Someone that has an ideology of what being a women is and how it is important to be equal to the opposite sex . Although , now that I read what the two authors have to say about feminist , I know more and I know it is not only about the  equality of both genders .

In the text of Valenti , she says how “all women are feminist  by the virtue of having ovaries” It really made me think because it’s true.Us women,have it much harder for men ,everything we do that isn’t seem as “appropriate “ for example not shaving your body can be considered dirty for a lady.As for men, it is totally normal if they grow hair on their bodies .It made me think because girls are always more judged compared to boys.

I did some research on both authors , and I was really interested by Bell Hooks . She is a black feminist that studied African-American Studies which examined the varied perceptions of black women who are writers and their development of feminist identities . I found that very interesting that she studies women in her culture . Being a black women is already hard , and I love the fact that she embraces it.

By Alexia Ighekpe

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