Blog 4: Naomi Klein

With such a big issue like climate change and a lot of people and organizations trying to help and save the planet, there is a possibility to not notice certain people that are doing their best and trying hard in many ways to inform others about it too but are given less attention.

Out of many people, I chose Naomi Klein. She is an author, social activist, a filmmaker and she was born on the 8th of May 1970. I was hesitating with who to write about upon a lot of great women. However, while I was reading her work and what she did throughout the years, she caught my attention. I found that she is different from the others when it came to her writings and how she expresses herself and I noticed that she knows how to address the problem in a way that will catch your attention and make you take an action towards it. In other words, I can say I found her “inspirational”, I can relate more to what she says than others, her values and thoughts are more understandable and most importantly that what she says affect me more than other peoples.

Which made me realize in what way we can be alike, first of all she is a Canadian, she grew up in Montreal and went to Dawson college then left to continue in university of Toronto. Which makes her completely vulnerable to the problems that Canada is undergoing and her words are totally valid. Also the way she thinks, for example, for her to fix problems she thinks that you have to start by yourself and fix yourself before going and helping outside. She sees that climate change as a way to claim other issues in the world and if we really want to change something we can not depend on fundings or organization, we have to do it ourselves. 

In other terms, Naomi Klein, is a very successful writer who wrote many books that went internationally viral. One of the most important books that she had written is “This Changes Everything:Capitalism vs. the Climate” in 2014 and immediately was a New York Bestseller and the winner of the Hilary Weston Writers Trust Prize for Nonfiction in the same year (2014). Her last book “On Fire” was published in 2019, again talking about the climate change and her meeting with Greta Thunberg. Her books spoke her words and ideas and she hoped that people would hear her. And in her case, I can say, people liked and listened to her so she was awarded the Sydney Peace Prize for her activism on climate justice and she counts as one of the top influential thinkers.

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