Blog 2: Stereotypes of feminism

To start the topic of stereotypes of feminism, we must take into account the actual definition of feminism; feminism is wanting political, economic along with social equality between men and woman. With that being said many men and women still don’t identify themselves as being a feminist as there are many stereotypes attached to that term. This is to show that many don’t truly grasp the true concept and definition of what being a feminist really is(“Myths about Feminism”).

There are many known stereotypes that can be attached to the term feminism, for example the most known one is women that hate men. This becomes a type of barrier that prevents men and women from wanting to be a feminist, as they say that it isn’t right to hate men. Although the previous statement is false, many people still believe that considering yourself a feminist it means that you hate men and you believe women are better than men. Also along with the misconception of the term, people believe that feminist can only be women, hence by the name, yet that isn’t the case as well. With those being the top two stereotypes that most people have on the topic of feminism, there are still many more stereotypes to add to the list which people still believe is the true definition of feminism(“Myths about Feminism”).

Along with the different stereotypes, I’ve learned that everyone should indeed be a feminist, including men. Which it has a misconception that if a man is a feminist he is less masculine than the rest. A man being a feminist is him believing that men and women are as equally to each other in our culture and society. This concept of men being a feminist has nothing to do with how masculine he is. Which is why all men should be a feminist because they all have women in their lives so why wouldn’t they want equality for them as well. To conclude, there are still barriers of stereotypes that the world views on feminism, which people need to be educated on to truly understand what it means to be a feminist and break these barriers, along with why everyone should be a feminist(“Myths about Feminism”).

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2 thoughts on “Blog 2: Stereotypes of feminism

  1. I strongly agree that men should be encouraged and classified as feminist since only women are portrayed in the media. I truly believe for feminism to flourish men and women must work together.


  2. Yes, men should be feminists and you are absolutely right, it will not attack your masculinity in anyway possible. People should see that by being a feminist it is beneficial for all of us because everyone becomes equal in society. We need more advertising to show the world that main goals of feminism and its defintion so that they don’t get confused and get the wrong ideas.


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