Blog 2: The Issue of Beauty Standards

In today’s society, the idea of beauty has been getting more distorted by socially constructed ideas, rather than what is truly is. Starting from a very young age, women and men are told that they have to have the perfect body, have no acne, have curves, be muscular, and so much more. This tremendous amount of pressure put on young children that sadly carries on into their teenage years and adult life is terrifying. Children should know that whatever shape and form their body is, is perfect. No makeup company or modelling agency ads should tell them otherwise. 

With the help of companies that show off women and men’s ‘true’ beauty, it impacts the children’s brain into thinking that they have to look like that in order to be considered perfect. With models advertised everywhere, always in the same body shape, it provokes some children to bully others that don’t fit the criteria of what social media claims to be the perfect body. With the issue of beauty standards everywhere, it causes children to become extremely unhappy with their appearance for no reason, which can lead to many health issues like eating disorders, anxiety, depression and more. 

Children should not be taught at a young age that they should have the perfect body, just like the models advertised everywhere, or they are not considered to be pretty. Children should be able to spend their childhood having fun, making new friends, playing on the playground at school. They should not be worried about whether they are considered to be pretty, or if they have the perfect body with the right curves where they are supposed to be, or if they have enough muscles in order to be viewed as being beautiful.  

 Some beauty companies have started including models in all shapes and colors for their ad’s, which is a start at ending the horrendous beauty standards. On the other hand, there are some companies that keep the same criteria they have been putting out and disregard the harm they are doing to young girls and boys. 


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