Little Women

Little Women' Review: Greta Gerwig Makes An Old Story Feel New Again

One of my new favorite movie is called little woman. The movie starring actors such as Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, Florence Pugh, Eliza Scanlen, Timothée Chalamet and Meryl Streep is the seventh film adaptation of the 1868 novel of Louisa May Alcott. The movie happening in 1868 talks about the life of 4 sister breaking out of their performative roles. The predestined housewives all have dreams and passion that they want to pursue and all decide in their own way to break the expectations society had for them. I love this movie because it represents the struggles women faced during that historical period and society views on what a woman should be. It’s a touching  romantic comedy that talks about many issues feminist have fought for.

Lets talk about the 1800 first, at this time, marriage involved ore financial aspect than love. Women were not able to do many things and the father had to be the figure of authority in a household. In the movie, the father is a loving man that is appreciated by his whole community and his daughters. He doesn’t impose anything on them and just wish each of their happiness which is in my opinion honorable. Still, marriage was inevitable for a good life so the four girls already had a path drawn for them. The fact that many women thorough the world still live in those condition where they have no choice on who they are going to marry or if they want to marry someone is still an ongoing issue that I can’t get out of my mind. Social status also were a really important thing that prioritizes money over happiness. Education is also a subject addressed in the move since it shows how women school weren’t as good as boy’s school and the inequality in the learning system. The four women in the movie were faced with all of those issue and tried to denounce its absurdity in a moving way.  

The main character is Josephine March most commonly named Joe. She is an inspiring woman that really stood her ground in adversity. She is an author whose only dream was to write a books about crimes and bloody battle. Those not really feminine taste caused her to hide her passion for a long time and publish her short stories anonymously. She had no interest in getting married which made her even weirder in the eyes of her family .We can see misogyny issues in the first 15 minute of the movie when Joe goes to publish her first short story in the New York time and the publisher tells her that her character needed to either end up dead or married at the end of the story because readers wanted something that reflect their reality. Its with disappointment that Joe changed the end of her story and it was also the first time she experienced sexism that way. She wanted to go fight in the union army with her father but was denied since she was a girl . Joe says that being a woman in that time is a curse and I couldn’t agree more. she has always been taught that no woman could have her own path and her only way of escaping marriage was to be rich (which wasn’t the case for her). She then started teaching in a girl boarding school in Mississippi where she was revolted by the fact that boys school were much superior than the girls school. For Joe, getting married was renouncing to her liberty. She wanted to prove to the world that a woman wasn’t only good at love and that it wasn’t her only destiny. She did follow her dream and she published a book of a new genre which became a best seller. She also opened a school and proved to the world that she didn’t need to marry anyone to be happy or succeed. Those morals even if they are not the same as modern one can also be applied in the modern woman life and I think that she gives a great lesson to all the fierce independent woman out there .

Even if they are less represented, the 3 sisters of Joe also have interesting character development. Meg, the oldest, renounced to have a wealthy life with a rich man to marry the one she fell in love and going against her aunt will. Beth wasn’t represented long enough in the movie but she did inspire all of her sisters to follow their passion and not give up on their dream. To finish with, Amy is a self conscious girl who went to Paris to perfect her art in painting. She realized soon enough that even if she was more talented then the men in her classes , she would never get the recognition they get because she is a woman. That crushed her so she decided to marry a rich man to secure her life. She sees marriage as a financial proposition  and often refer to herself as “only a woman”. Her opinion of marriage changed when the man she loved proposed to her and she lived  happily after teaching arts to the kids at her sister school. She realized she was good enough and that she could marry the man she wanted and have the life she dreamed of. They each broke out of expectation and taught us valuable lesson about the importance of happiness our life.Our own happiness should always come first and the choice we made should always be based on our desire. If the girls would have listened to society none of them would have had their happy ending.

In conclusion, little woman is an historical masterpiece and really show the high and the lows that a woman can encounter in her life. It teaches us a lesson on perseverance and acceptance. Each girls has a unique character and end up being happy because they are true to themselves and that’s what we should all go for in our lives whatever our gender is. Gender shouldn’t define our lives and how we want it to end. We are the only master of our destiny and we are the only one responsible to make it great. I definitely recommend that movie. Some tears might be spill but at the end its all worth it.

This scene made me cry but its also my favorite. Joe reject the marriage proposal of her best friend because she is not in love and doesn’t want to get married. For her marriage at this time in her life would make it impossible to achieve her dream.

Final Project: Legally Blonde

The movie Legally Blonde was one of the most popular and well-known movies in the early 2000s. While this movie is seen as a lightweight, “girly” type of comedy and romance movie, I believe it demonstrates real struggles women face on a daily basis. In a nutshell, this movie is about a young woman named Elle Woods who initially sets off to go to Harvard to win her boyfriend back, after getting broken up with for “not being serious enough”. As she emerges on this journey to get him back, she ends up finding herself, as well as discovering she is much more than what people perceive her to be. She does this all while dealing with stereotypes, misogyny and sexual harassment. 

In the beginning of the movie, she is seen as a sorority girl who’s only good for shopping and getting her nails done. While there is nothing wrong with liking those things, many people underestimated her since she liked to show her femininity quite often. To them, they saw that as a sign of weakness. On several occasions, she was taken as a “dumb blonde” and tried to be fooled until she stood up for herself and proved them otherwise. Not to mention she was judged and not taken seriously for wanting to attend Harvard Law School. She constantly gets minimized by the people around her based on her interests and her appearance. Her parents didn’t have faith in her along with many other people seeing as for them, she wasn’t smart or capable enough to survive there. Although, nothing let that stop her from achieving her goal. 

As she continues to settle down in her new school life, she continuously gets mocked by classmates and teachers. Considering how challenging it can be to live and study in a somewhat male-dominated field, it is even harder getting knocked down and tormented by other women. This is something almost every woman has experienced in their lives and it is sadly something that is all too common in our society. We live in a toxic society where people stereotype woman which also leads to women bringing other women down and the cycle continues. In the movie, Elle goes against the normal “mean girl” stereotype by being this bubbly, sweet and sunny person, who tries to create a respectful environment with some of the other women in her class (mainly her ex boyfriends fiancé Vivian). Although, Vivian as well as the rest of them completely disregard that and become a cruel bully to Elle for no reason. This just shows how toxic society is and how it can influence people to be inhumane to others.

Later on, in the movie, Elle and some other classmates were assigned to work on a case with their professor at his firm. This was a very exciting opportunity for her since she had worked so hard to get to where she was. However, one night her professor was sexually inappropriate with her after everyone else had left. He also indicated that the only way she could make it as a lawyer was if she crossed boundaries and got sexual with him. After she immediately told him off, she left only to be accused by a fellow associate (Vivian) that she was the one to initiated this inappropriate act. This incident caused her question her place in the firm and resulted in her almost quitting law school, until one of her female professors encouraged her to go back and fight for what she had worked for. This event just goes to show how women are constantly being sexually harassed and violated in work environments. Not to mention that they are the ones who are more likely blamed for these incidents instead of the men.

While her initial intention to attend Harvard wasn’t exactly a good reason, since no woman should ever have to go out of their way to change and prove themselves to any man, she soon realizes to achieve all these obstacles for herself and to anyone who ever doubted her, all while staying true to her identity. She refused to let anyone’s opinions about her affect her work and success. Instead, she studied hard and worked hard to prove to everyone else and herself that she is capable. This movie was made at a different time, so some aspects of the film I didn’t necessarily agree with but there were definitely several key points that demonstrated the struggles women have to deal with as well as some positive aspects we should learn from.