The Disabled Women’s Network: Bringing the Intersection of Gender and Disability to Light

International woman weeks has for objective to raise awareness about the problems women are facing daily whoever they are, their ethnicity, background and sexuality. Inclusivity is the key of the whole concept and thats why disable individuals should be represented to whoever they decide to identify themselves. The disables women network is a non lucrative association that came to speak to us, the Vanier students, and bring awareness to the challenges women with visible and invisible disabilities faces everyday in a society that is not conceive to acknowledge their needs. The message D.A.W.N association is trying to share is that their goal is to finally implement a more equal system by providing accessibility and ressources ( tangible or not ) to those living with impairments.

The vanier students seemed pretty engaged with the issue and even started to state the accessibility point present at vanier for the students from  physical disabilities. They weren’t quite as engaging concerning the questions asked by the speaker but I think that we all had a common understanding of the lack of ressources present for disable people in our society. The conference was quite repetitive since there was a lack of participation from the students but it didn’t stop the speaker to make us realize the ableism of our society. The event really made me more empathetic to the women suffering from any form of disabilities and the injustices they have to live with on a daily basis. It also redefined the definition of disabilities for me.

Dawn is an amazing organization that really focus on the equity in every way for the women all over the world. Their mission is inspiring and the awareness they are trying to spread should be taken more accountable by the city. Montreal is one of the city with the less ressources for people with physical disabilities and their psychological ressources or programs are also limited. Action must be taken to benefit the population. I would recommend this event to develop the student sensibility about the matter but I think that the presentation could’ve been better because it was long and at some point repetitive.

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