Slut Shaming

Misogyny, sexism and hatred toward women have always been present in society. Anti-Feminism has existed since modern times. Men who practiced Christianity were against women’s independence, moreover they were against the right for women to vote, work, make their own decisions and to be equal to men. In addition, male saw their wives as sexual objects which is why most of them forced their wives to have sexual relations with them in order to have kids. Since then, many stereotypes have been made toward women such as women that dress in a certain way are sluts, women that engage in sex are also sluts, and etc. There a huge sexual double standards between men and women. Let’s take the example of Kim Kardashian, when Kim posts a picture of her body on Instagram she gets called a “Slut, Whore, Attention seeker”, but if a male celebrity like for example Justin Bieber posts a shirtless picture, no one says anything, people do not seems to care about it. It’s the same case when a man cheats on his girlfriend people refers him as a “Playboy”, but if it’s a woman she is referred as a “Slut”.

The word “Slut” have been used for year against women. Slut Shaming consists of bullying a woman for her sexual practices or dress style. This concepts justify rape. In fact, many misogynists justified their actions by saying that some women deserve to get raped because of how they dress and they refer them as “attention seeker”. (Boaz 2016) Slut Shaming can take various forms. Bullies often use websites to post explicit photos of a woman, Many times, these photos and videos are taken without the target’s knowledge. Some boys have also been known to record their sexual activity with a girl and they then share it on the web. Many boys have also slut shamed girls by exposing the nudes of a woman without her consent. Slut shaming can impact someone’s life in a really bad way. Many girls committed suicide because of the bullying they received by their classmates. (Gordon 2019)

Amanda Todd killed herself on October 10, 2012. It all started with her having a conversation with a guy she met online. The man took pictures of her breasts and posted it on social medias. Since that happened, Amanda received a lot of hate and insults, she was being called a : “Slut, Whore, Prostitute, and etc.”. Due to this bullying, Amanda committed suicide. (Dean 2012) A lot of victims that experienced slut shaming spoke about their experience. Samantha confessed that she was slut-shamed back in high school and it ruined her life, she was getting anxious and didn’t want to step a foot outside of her house. Jennifer also said that she used to be slut-shamed by her ex husband and she was worried when he was drunk because he had anger management issues. (Laderer 2017)

In conclusion, slut shaming is a big issue in the world of feminism. There is a lot of sexual double standards between male and female. Slut Shaming can ruin someone’s life and I think we should educate people on how bad it is and the impacts of it.


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Blog 1 : Defining Feminism

In my opinion , I think for both of them it is necessary to promote feminist because many people think one way towards feminists .They all have that same perception that feminists are ugly and about hating men .For Jessica Valenti, she finds that we should not have one vision towards feminists . She focuses more on  equality towards both genders . For Bell , she defines feminism as being a movement to end sexist oppression. She basically is explaining that we should end stereotypes towards women . Both authors have the same perception towards feminism but their definitions are a bit different .

Their definitions is similar because they believe that people have their own definition of feminist .They explain how the world sees feminism as being anti-men, hairy ugly girls .Hook’s shows how some people see feminism being an ideology for protest only . For these two authors , feminist is important because it is something they believe in and want people all around the world to promote it and stop seeing it as a a atrocious ideology towards men.

 I would describe a feminist as being someone who stands for the rights of both genders .Someone that has an ideology of what being a women is and how it is important to be equal to the opposite sex . Although , now that I read what the two authors have to say about feminist , I know more and I know it is not only about the  equality of both genders .

In the text of Valenti , she says how “all women are feminist  by the virtue of having ovaries” It really made me think because it’s true.Us women,have it much harder for men ,everything we do that isn’t seem as “appropriate “ for example not shaving your body can be considered dirty for a lady.As for men, it is totally normal if they grow hair on their bodies .It made me think because girls are always more judged compared to boys.

I did some research on both authors , and I was really interested by Bell Hooks . She is a black feminist that studied African-American Studies which examined the varied perceptions of black women who are writers and their development of feminist identities . I found that very interesting that she studies women in her culture . Being a black women is already hard , and I love the fact that she embraces it.

By Alexia Ighekpe

Blog 2: Women, sports and money

  Professional sports is one of the biggest industries in the modern society, a lot of money is invested, and modern athletes earn serious amounts of money. Most of the mainstream sport leagues have enormous budgets, but this money isn’t always fairly distributed between genders. For example, the average salary in the WNBA is around 75000$ and the maximum goes to 115000$. It can sound like a normal revenue, but the average NBA player makes 6,388,007$ per year and it goes as high as 37.5M$. We can definitely see that there is a huge wage gap. This huge disproportion is present is most of the professional sports leagues.

  The first question that comes to mind is why male make so much money compared to female. The answers can vary, but I think that the main reason is the coverage and the publicity the different sports get. For example, the leagues like the NBA or the NHL make a lot of publicity and this publicity creates a bigger fan base and more money. It’s very different for women sports. When did you see a WNBA commercial? The fact that the male leagues have more publicity then the female leagues makes a huge difference. Another interesting thing is the fact that some people say that male leagues are more entertaining, but I think that they are not right. In fact, women hockey and gymnastics are some of the most watched events at the Olympics. This proves that women’s sports are not less interesting, but professional women athletes make so much less money then male athletes.

  There is always a solution to a problem. The International Swimming League (ISL) proved it. This professional swimming leagues gives equal winning bonuses to men and women, also both genders make the same amount of points during the season and both genders get the same public attention and contracts. It’s the first professional league to give equal revenues and budgets to both men and women athletes. Even the MVP of the league is chosen between men and women, and the 2019 MVP was a Sarah Sjostrom, a fantastic women athlete!


Blog 2: Women’s Place in Italy

This past summer, I took the most memorable trip of my life. I had the opportunity to go visit the village where my grandfather grew up during his childhood. He spent most of his life in a small town named Falascoso in Abbruzzo. During my stay, I attended a festival where I watched a play about women abuse in the South of Italy. Therefore, I will be writing a blog about women abuse in Italy and how the female gender is perceived in the Northern part of Italy compared to the Southern part. I would like to educate others and myself on this situation and bring awareness to everyone on the gender inequality that is still occurring around in Italy and around the world.

To begin, feminism has not reached Italy as it has in North America and gender discrimination is still at a high rate around the country. Statistics show that at least 6,788,000 women in Italy were victims of physical or sexual violence in 2015 and roughly 150 women a year are killed in Italy by abusive partners. (Pianigiani 2018) These two statistics are very close to the highest rates in all of Europe.  This is a big problem for women because they have minimal power and are afraid of standing up to something that has been seen as normal for decades. Also, they do not have enough power to make differences, for example, statistics show that only 14% of mayors in Italy are women and they are mainly in very small communities. (Boyarkina 2017)

There is a strong presence of inequality between both genders and discrimination in the labor force is still present in Italy. The Italian community is very traditional in their mentality and culture, historically as in other countries, women played a secondary role in society. They still believe that women should stay home and be a housewife instead of going into the labor force. This leads to women becoming very dependent on their husbands in every aspect of their life, such as, economically, socially, etc. They tend to rely on the income of their husband to keep themselves fed and sheltered. This creates a problem because the women tend to remain silent when they are physically, psychologically or sexually abused. (Boyarkina 2017) They have nowhere to go and no money to support themselves if they were to leave their husband. Also, Lella Paladino, president of Di.Re., a nationwide advocacy group that fights violence against women, stated, “When a woman tells her story, authorities rarely believe her, so in the end women stop speaking up,” (Pianigiani 2018) Therefore, women do not speak of their problems and suffer in silence which creates major depression and anxiety. The women who do speak up and try to escape are often fighting for years in Italy’s Byzantine legal system while their partners often threaten to sue them for defamation, stalk them or continue to abuse them. Women can wait up to two years to see their cases discussed in court, living in a constant fight with their exes. These cases can extend up to 10 years. (Pianigiani 2018)

To continue, statistics have shown major differences between the violence against women in the Northern part of Italy compared to the Southern part. The North of Italy has always been a richer and more prosperous region of the country. Its inhabitants tend to be more highly educated and many different industries have settled in that part of the country. These factors have decreased the old mentality in this region of Italy. However, statistics have proven that women abuse is much higher in the Southern parts of Italy where the economy and living conditions are not as evolved. In the North, women take up 50% of the labor force, however in the South, there are only 33% of women in the labor force. (Boyarkina 2017) To conclude, there have been improvements in women’s rights in the last few decades in Italy, however there is still much to do in bringing the woman’s situation to the level it deserves to be at.


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Blog 2: Women and Sports

When we think of sports, we think about exercising our body, dripping with sweat, becoming an image that would be associated with the country we support, and we think about having fun. Sports are for everyone yet; boys are more engaged in playing sports. Is it because we believe that females are inferior to males when it comes to physical activities or is it because of gender polarization and the number of opportunities they have been given?

According to WSF Teen Sport Report, 2018, 40 percent of teen girls do not actively participate in sports. This can also be directly linked to the 1.13 million opportunities given to boys instead of girls according to the National Federation of State High School Associations 2018-2019. Society does not approach girls as much as they approach boys. This causes young girls to categorize sports as an activity created for men and separate themselves from it.

Due to society labelling sports as an activity created for men, women have been treated as inferior beings, as they have rarely made more revenue than men when they have been displayed on the screen. This also has an impact on the final cash prize. For example, FIFA’s total prize money was around 400 million dollars for the men’s team in contrast to the 30 million for the women’s team in 2018. This is not the only case in which women’s sports teams have faced inequalities and will certainly not be the last one.


Blog #2: Women and Modern Slavery

One of the largest criminal industries is human trafficking and it is growing insanely fast, mostly in the US. It is another form of slavery, called “modern slavery”. (Tharanga Yakupitiyage, 2019) Men and boys are victims of labor and commercial sex trafficking, but not as much as girls and women. Women are manipulated, lured from the traffickers, which leads to female victims being controlled in a vulnerable state. A female is vulnerable when she is unprotected, in other words when she has no connection to social or family support. Immigrants, refugees and those with disabilities or trauma are the first targets traffickers seek.(American Psychological Association, 2014)

There are many types of human trafficking: sexual exploitation, labour exploitation, domestic servitude, forced marriage, forced criminality, child soldiers and organ harvesting.(Subzero & Heweet Mike, 2020) When I looked up all of these types of human trafficking that take place in our every day to day life, I only saw reports, articles that talk about women within that type of trafficking. Women are the main targets, and for once they are prioritized over men. In sexual exploitation women go into prostitution, pole/lap dancing, sex tourism, forced marriage and many more. Labour exploitation has women working in the agriculture field, manufacturing, hospitality, fishing and more, in which they are not payed enough, violated, punished and threatened to be exposed to immigrant authorities. As for domestic servitude, women are forced to work for long hours in the house, with which ties the forced marriage. Forced criminality is self explanatory, women are forced to do drug, cannabis and other illegal trades, as well as bad snatching, pick-pocketing, etc. Finally, organ harvesting is when traffickers kidnap an individual and without consent remove their organs in order to sell it. (Subzero & Heweet Mike, 2020)

Human trafficking is a topic that is unspoken and females are the main victims and targets. It is a world wide problem, 20 to 40 million people are in modern slavery, of which 71% are females. Thanks to online social media, it is growing. (Anonymous) Feminists want “protection from domestic violence, sexual harassment, and rape” and human trafficking does not provide any of those. (Humanities Ohio, 2018)


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